Sunday, May 16, 2021

More protest posters

 We are headed off to Melbourne to attend a fabulous conference - Communities in Control. Run by an organisation (OurCommunity) we are proud to work  with, and for, at times, we love their passion for social justice and the way they enthuse the community and not for profit sector to keep going and keep making a difference in so many people's lives.

We are having a pop up shop of sorts and are taking down a HEAP of posters which we hope may find homes.

Through the week I finished off these two...

We (society) seem to have a default button where we assume men are telling the truth and women are lying when it comes to sexual assault, rape and domestic abuse.  I guess it's due to conditioning and weird internalisations of power and authority roles, yet in less than 5% of cases are women found to have made the claims of assault up. Hence my advice (in bright and healing orange) to simply believe her. 

If she has been brave enough to talk about it; you can safely assume in 95% of cases - it happened. Pretty good odds.

Late last year I watched with awe and wonder as Kamala Harris trod that tightrope of being a black woman in a position of authority, debating with a senior white male, and being assertive. What a tricky thing that debate was and I admire her so much for how she managed to smile enough, be polite enough, stand up for herself enough but not be aggressive.  All of that balancing act, that she must have been processing at lightning speed under lights. Very calmly saying "Mr Vice President, I'm speaking" was a great way to be heard - both to stop the flow from the other side; but also it allowed her to be heard because folk weren't distracted and calling her a rude or aggressive or angry woman. What a woman.

Anyhow here is my poster about that.

And here is the bright and vibrant inking time.

 After having played awhile with just which P was the right P?

I liked the contrast with the serifs in the final.


  1. "I'm speaking" is right up there with "she persisted" ... love how the ALL CAPS are modulated to produce just the right tone

    1. Thanks Liz - sometimes phrases become touchstones for us don't they? I like the rhythm of the letter sin speaking...Go well.

  2. F- "believe her" is so necessary and a powerful poster. B


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