Sunday, May 9, 2021

A quarter of the year...

 As you know I decided back in January to try and do a project through the course of this year, that would somehow help me mark the time of Covid.  I had realised that I was in no way prepared for recording last year; but felt that perhaps I could do something to record this year.

My hankie project was begun and I am regularly astonished that quite so many events are noteworthy! I really thought things would quieten down and I would make the occasional foray into the fabric with needle and thread and have some nice highlights or headlines as memories.

Instead, I can barely keep up. So many of the markers are small, yet impactful. The speed with which things can still change - things turn on a dime as they same - means that plans are on, off, stopped, started and each time these things have an impact. Very interesting and surprisingly it keeps you on the edge of your seat just a wee bit.

I am thrilled to say I have finished March!  I have transferred April onto a rather large handkerchief as it seemed so much happened, and have begun to stitch it. I have also begun the recording of May.

A selection of the sorts of things I am recording:


8 Bigger weddings and funerals in Queensland

9 Traces in Adelaide waste water from festivals

12 Brisbane Dr tests positive

13 Hospitals and Aged Care in Brisbane locked down

17 Our first flights - entry declarations and masks

23 No access to vaccine appointments

29 Greater Brisbane 3 day lockdown. Masks mandatory in QLD

April began with the Brisbane lockdown ending and finished with the terrible terrible news from India - 100 deaths/hour. In between times we have the absolute hopeless nature of our vaccine rollout "a dog's breakfast", Scotland beginning to ease lockdown, and Perth entering a 3 day lockdown.  One could say never a dull moment.

The three months so far are all different styles and different sizes. 

I learnt a lot from January's very pale stitching! I now have a suite of greys that are slightly darker than the original.

I am pleased I began this as so much happens that I actually forget all the little moments of worry. As I type this, Sydney has re-entered restrictions and folk from their hotspots now have to quarantine in Brisbane on return. 

Things may be improving in some places, but it  seems the globe has a long long way to go before things are settled. 


  1. it is humbling to see how very dire things continue to be, even as we begin to relax into a vaccinated ease ... India is especially heartbreaking, but I fear there may be many other serious outbreaks that go unreported

    1. It is almost as if I can't get my head around the awfulness of the places where the outbreaks are so intense. We are slowly vaccinating, I do wish we were faster.

  2. (((Fiona))) love the transparency in the layered images, will they become a book?

    1. Oh Mo, the final presentation is an ongoing discussion in my head! I ponder this, I ponder that...shall I back them? Shall I bind them? Shall I frame them? So many options and not quite the answer just yet.

  3. F - such dedication - I would not have the patience for it. It will be a great record of the year. B

    1. A slow recording of the year that is for sure! But it is mindful in many ways...


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