Sunday, May 30, 2021

Pottering and playing

 I have given myself permission slow down and play a bit this week.  I have realised that I was feeling very focused doing all this workshop preparation - linear, job-related, goal-oriented work.  Making oftentimes needs to be the complete opposite for me - wandering, exploring, open-ended, free.

So I picked myself up and out of  the focus and just started rolling thru the multiple half option ideas that had been lying in wait. All the questions! The what ifs? I wonder if I could? What might that look like? Would that work? How would I?

One of the starting points was that we gave presentation to the local Probus Club where we demonstrated traditional letterpress, spoke passionately about it and then got folk to have a go themselves.

I had set up this simple thank you, rotated a few times to make a lovely pattern and folk took one of these home.

We wrapped our brayers up in gloves to protect stuff as we packed up and brought things back to the studio.  I didn't get back to unfurling them until Friday (we did the demo on Wednesday) and so I had to gently pull the gloves off as things were bit tacky.

But wow look at those marks. You know what happens next.

So a few of the leftover squares got printed on

And I am sure they will be great backgrounds for something...

I was snuffling around in some drawers and found this very old paper which I had been saving for something, never knew what. Still may not know, but I did straight away head to the pebbles to see how they looked on those waves.

And I really did like what they did.

And to finish we were up in dad's orchid house and heard a noise above us - this fab magpie on the shade cloth.


  1. the roller marks ... and I daresay there are some mysterious creatures lurking within them!

    1. You can see how I got distracted, diverted and I digressed once I unfurled them - had to play with that!

  2. love the pebbles on the grey waves of paper!

    1. Me too Mo - I am loving the soft possibilities....


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