Sunday, July 3, 2022

Nudging things along

It has been nice to put a full tick against one body of work - the three Validation boxed works (no ticks yet against the two Validation books, sigh).

Once more I have been nudging other things along.

Having decided on the walnut ink for the calligraphy commission; I spent quite a bit of time drawing up the pencil lines to work with. I had originally worked the letter height at 4mm; but for the sake of my brain, I decided to change it to 5mm, keeping the 10mm inter-linear space. So much easier to mark things off along a ruler if they are 5mm, 10mm, 5mm, 10mm etc.

Having done that however, as every calligrapher knows, it immediately extended the length of all my lines, and when I wrote the first stanza out I learned that that extra 1mm height had added 40mm to the length of the lines.

So my trial piece was adjusted along the way, and by the end of it I knew I just needed to start the final stanza 50mm to the left to maintain a pleasing balance. So far, I can find only one error in the writing!

I also went back to the original to check for correct punctuation, and I think I now have it right.

So that is the first full draft of the poem done. Now to get on with drawing up lines for what is hopefully going to be the final piece; one that remains error-free along the way! Love my positivity.

I have also been pondering work for the Vessel exhibition September, and started playing around with the idea of envelopes as vessels that can contain thoughts and feelings.  

As part of the playing around and getting ideas moving, I found these lovely bits and pieces.

Then I set up this lovely bundle.

From which I then made this smaller bundle. Which feels just right.

I like it very much, but have no idea how it might really apply to making a work for Vessel!

So then I went and played with these - also fun but not really related in any way to things that could be exhibition works yet...

The pursuit of works for the exhibition continues.


  1. the pursuit is half the work done. Will come out nice, I'm sure.


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