Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Validating complete...

I have shared the bits and pieces of the making of these books, most recently on Sunday, but when I received the Perspex display cases, I felt they really were complete.  

The framed works are called Validation; however, I called these books Validating

Artists' books call you to engage with them. The experience becomes personal: you interact, you touch, you move through them. You see the present, recall the past and wonder about the future. All in the act of turning pages.

For me, the process of reading these books is validating. It's active. It's responsive. 

As you turn the pages and read the words, you nod, go uh huh, yep...

The books rest, rolled and wrapped within their cases.

The cases can also be used as display stands.


Or rolled.

The opening page.

And its last page.

The opening page of the other book.

An its final word...

And close ups of threads, always...

Validating I and II are now complete, and complement their siblings Validation I, II and II.

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