Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ALaW (30)

It seems to be working again - this little project gets me down to the studio and playing a bit. I outlined the letter 'd' this week and then used lead pencil to highlight a darker part of the rusted braille paper.

I also began the concertina for the final project.  I have learnt this time around to start with the end in mind and have been playing around with design options and colours.  I have also decided to try and construct as I go this time - so that I am not left with a mile of work to do with pulling together the final piece at the end.

You may have noticed that I haven't done my final piece for the first alphabet yet; even tho many others on the project have. This is in part because I couldn't find a way to present the sampler pieces I had done that 'felt' right.

I have hit upon an approach now and have started the process towards resolving the piece...more on that later.

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