Sunday, August 22, 2010

First alphabet - Final Piece

I finally got around to finishing the sampler book this week. With Barry's help I worked out how to attach and stabilise it and am really happy with the result.

I wanted to honour the nature of the work - to make the final product appropriate to the work. The idea of a sample book that has information about techniques and methodologies handwritten on it appealed to me, and made sense. The letters themselves weren't perfectly or exquisitely executed and demanding of a fine finish - they were 'journeyman' like, experimental and in the end, honourable teachers.

Here is the final book in a variety of expressions. I do love the twirls and the swirls. And purple.


  1. A-ha - this is what you had in mind. Looks fabulous, can't wait to explore and play with it. xoxoxo

  2. Your "sampler" is beautiful.And practical.

  3. Thanks Dinah - I think that's it; it's practical and can be put to use. Thanks!
    And Noela - it is fun to play with - love the interaction.

  4. fiona, i want to spend some time reading through this! i think unifying this into a useful book was a hard design problem, which you've solved.

  5. It's amazing and beautiful and practical and oh SO inspiring! WOW!

  6. This is wonderful. No doubt you'll refer to it again and again.

  7. And rightly so Fiona, it is just fantastic, truely brilliant!

  8. Fiona,
    I LOVE it!
    Perfect execution for what you are describing/how you "see" its content. Super well done!

  9. Love it! The letters themselves were all very cool. But a as a group, and bound in this manner, the effect is very appealing. I wish I could hold it and fan it out and close it up and just feel it move and the feel the weight of it.

    Very nice!


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