Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Letter a Week 31

I'm still merrily stitching away - having fun and making my letters.  Here is 'e' - with just a few pencil scrolls in the top right hand corner to add a bit of a twist.

Unlike my first alphabet I am trying to begin with the end in mind and am kind of preparing the final piece as I go - a shot of progress so far. The accordion fold theme continues but it won't end here. A few other bits will be added along the way.

On the matter of the final piece for the first alphabet - well it's edging closer. The matboards have all been cut (85 of them!) and I now have to start drilling holes. Could take a while.


  1. I love what you have done in this one. The pencil scrolls, the braille dots, the stitching and the aged colouring.


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