Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ALaW - progress with the first final piece

I think I may have mentioned that it took me ages to work out how to present my experimental alphabet letters from my first alphabet.  I lined them up and they looked OK, but didn't really make an impact or tell their own story.

I talked with Barry about how I was thinking they should be like an embroidery sampler - the different techniques shown and understood as a sampler not a finished type product. I love our art talks as they take me round the world and back and together we hit on the idea of a sampler book.

So I got the matboard cut and punched 85 holes.

I attached each of the letters.

I wrote what I did as a reminder like in a journal or sampler.

I started putting them together!

The actual finalisation involves some engineering and again I tossed ideas around with Barry who is very clever at these sort of things and we have devised a couple of options.  Hopefully the final product will emerge this week.


  1. What a brilliant idea. It will look absolutely stunning with the letters, writing and 'sampler' style presentation, and of course all snuggled together in lavender. xoxox

  2. Great idea. We all need a Barry... It's looking really good so far and I hope you keep taking photos and sharing them.

  3. Yes, brilliant! I can't wait to see the final.


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