Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Journals galore

I have been artistically quiet lately - lots of community, family, work and gardening commitments have filled my days.

I have tho, been steadily compiling this stack of 8 journals to stitch.  I am hoping they might be ready to go out into the world in the next month or so and have been covering boards and organising paper and timber and generally just getting them ready for a marathon stitch-fest!

It's nice to see how the paste papers I made recently and the 'itajime' papers I made in Calgary have been able to be used.


  1. These journals look really nice and I love your papers. When you say 'timber' does that mean you are using timber boards for some journals?

  2. such a delicious stack to bind, then use! especially like the b&w ones, subtle attraction

  3. Thanks Carol and Velma, yes I use timber to make the covers for some of my books. They smell nice and feel lovely!

  4. Fiona,
    It looks like in a few days you will have a stack of treasures! Thank you for showing us this in between stage and good luck for their completion!


I appreciate your thoughts and comments; thanks for taking the time.