Monday, August 23, 2010

Community Placemaking Art

We survived a full and busy community placemaking art-filled weekend!

Barry and I are both involved in a group called art4place which focuses on creating community by working with artists and developers and governments to create placemaking art.  Art can do so much to create a sense of place, to tell the story of a place and to engage people within that place.

On Saturday we launched a map of our town's placemaking art. We are only  small town but we have 10 pieces of public and placemaking art that tell the story of Maleny.  The map encourages people to take a stroll through our town, see the art that they may otherwise not notice and learn a bit about the story and the artists who made it.

On Sunday, with Kim Schoenberger who is also committed to art4place, we spent the day at Mary Cairncross Park, making art about the Richmond Birdwing butterfly - an endangered local species.
Families and children had a great day and we made some beautiful art - a 'sea' of butterflies; stencils of butterflies throughout the walk; a butterfly made with hundreds of cut out butterflies; butterflies made form leaves and fronds; and a fabulous butterfly form coloured by gluing on small bits of paper.
Noela hung a fantasy butterfly 'sail' in the trees.

I love that people had a special art experience on a day out or a family picnic.


  1. What a great day you had. I walked through Mary Cairncross Park in April, saw lots of birds but didn't see any butterflies. I'll try again on my next visit.

  2. anything that has flutterbys gets my vote

  3. looks like a wonderful community event (if exhausting!). the kids will remember, and that is so important.


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