Sunday, October 25, 2020

Playing and printing plus!

 So, I have begun to see my Sunday in the shop/studio at Deckled Edge Press as a chance to play and explore.  I did those wonderful cut up offprints a few weeks ago; and last week I picked up a couple of Barry's rejected prints and played around re-working one of them.

His poster Dismantle Patriarchy, Deliver Equality is a wee ripper; and I wanted to see what happened if you messed with it  bit.

So I cut into dismantle and coloured up deliver.

And then tried different colours behind dismantle

Including a mess of colours.

Not sure if this will become something or not but I enjoyed going down the rabbit hole of what ifs???

And it was time for product production as well - so a few more cards were printed.  Some still need to be illustrated but they are at least underway!

And a Saturday evening gift - the wallabies came to check out some of the citrus trees we have planted! Photos taken from inside through our deck's railing for fear of disturbing them too much. The first one shows the joey with its head out. Happy days.


  1. Love the use of almost random colour with the text. Your inquisitive wallabies are beautiful.

    1. Thank you jan - the playing around with colour and the random bits have been fun! The wallabies are a joy - such gentle creatures and rare shy so a visit always feels special. Go well.


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