Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Stitching and thank you

 As we begin to be able to settle into our new lives within being focussed on all the details of a move, I am re-discovering sewing.  Last weekend I sat and re-acquainted myself with my sewing machine; this weekend I picked up some slow hand stitching again.  Both wonderful and a real sense of enjoyment.

I have no photos of the trousers I made, but I was thrilled to lengthen the pattern and create my own variation of side pockets and to have them work. yay.

I ordered a fabric kit and a course online from Craft School Oz on slow stitching.  I just wanted somewhere to start (again) and sometimes an external impetus helps.

The bundle arrived in the post and I opened it and was delighted.

All sorts of goodies within and really, something for everybody.

For a woman who never wears pink, it surprised me that I had chosen the pink pack but they are so gorgeous I am happy that I did.

Hidden out of sight, right at the bottom, were a couple of remnants of fabric from Ink and Spindle in Melbourne.

Delicious but I couldn't see how they might go with the others so decided to work with them on their own.

A zip was included in the pack so I thought this might make a nice pencil case.

And I made a pencil case! All by hand! Who knew?!?!?

I thought I would embellish the pattern just a bit by doing some running stitch up the wobbly lines. It was just enough.

I folded it in half, turned back the edge to make a frayed edge; stitched the zipper in by hand; blanket stitched the outside edges; then stitched them together with running stitch (in two directions so quite solid in the end).

It was all a bit free flow and free form but it got me it into the rhythm again.  I rewarded myself with watching old episodes of The West Wing whist I stitched - ah the nostalgia.

Now I want to make more pencil cases.

Back in the studio - I blind embossed/ de-bossed some small thank you cards, just because I like the look of them and I like sending thank you cards!


  1. Love this Fiona. I am also getting back to sewing. I don’t really have the skills so I start today with lessons from unpicked studio in Sydney - making new cushions for the lounge room. The second project will be zippered purses. I am quite excited.

    1. Thanks Brenda - your starting point sounds great too! I like a bit of a guide before I begin and then I can head off and do my own; but with fabric do find I need that starting point somehow. Unpicked looks great! Go well.


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