Thursday, October 29, 2020

Thursday Thoughts...

"Hetty has never read a novel; how then could she find shape for her expectations"? 

George Elliot

These words struck me on two levels.  The first being that when they were written; women were probably not encouraged to have expectations beyond their station; no expectations beyond being married off and to hopefully be able to manage a household and bear children. Don't get me wrong; if that is a choice and a  goal and a dream all good - if it is all anybody thinks you are capable of; not so good.

And the second was that novels which engage the imagination and open up entirely alternative worlds, can encourage expectations beyond the narrow margins of our known lives and experiences. I think non fiction can as well - biography and autobiography most definitely can show how lives begin in one setting and with opportunities, fate, fortune, skill, persistence and enterprise they can end in others.

The coming together of the importance of education for women, and the value of reading as a skill to enable our sights to be lifted; our enthusiasms supported; and our hopes and dreams expanded is really quite powerful and holds true today.

A key global development goal is the education of girls, and it's definitely one to support.


  1. love your powerful image art and words!

    1. Thanks Mo - they gathered here together nicely! Go well.


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