Thursday, October 22, 2020

Thursday Thoughts...

“I have lived in my body for years and still need maps and lights to find my way to how I feel.”

 Michelle K., Body of Maps

It took me a while to track down the author here; you know those moments when you think I love the words but who are they truly attributed to and/or are they a made up internet thingy?

I can report that Michelle K is a blogger poet from the East Coast of the US.  Not K. Michelle the songwriter-singer. 

This is a beautiful thought and sometimes how I feel I guess.  I loved the line I have lived in my body for years - so true! Me and only me has lived here, yet I still get lost sometimes trying to describe the way I feel; the way it feels...

Listening to your body, to its reactions, to the thumping heart rate, the knotted stomach; the blank brain and thought processes; the blossoming flush; the rising anger that needs physical release...each and every one of these things that my body might do is trying to tell me something and trying to let me know how I feel about something.

When you stop and think about it, the body knows so much and tries so hard to protect you. 

Her imagery of also needing maps and lights to find my way to how I feel is longingly beautiful in my mind. The sense that there is a place where you know how you feel, and that you are trying to find your way there...

 On one of my niece's pieces for her Year 12 Graduation ten years ago...


  1. beautiful words and oh so true Fiona, your niece's work is lovely

    1. Thanks Kate! It's a pretty interesting quote isn't it? And Yes, Em's lanterns were so delicate and so beautiful...go well.


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