Thursday, October 15, 2020

Thursday Thoughts...

"Art is a line around your thoughts". 

 Gustav Klimt

These words make me feel as if art is a bridge, which is odd given that they are suggesting a line around something rather than between.

I started visualising a line around my thoughts and feelings and and ended up with the sense that drawing a line around them helps you contain, express or show them somehow.  That by using art to circle these things we are providing an opportunity to understand them - to share them in a way that is meaningful to us and to others.

Art offers a different perspective around some things. It can be easier to say it with a painting than in  words.

So where I got to with this was that whilst art being a line around our thoughts helps encapsulate or tether them; it also enables them to be understood.

Tingari by Walala Tjapaljarri. One of my favourite of our Aboriginal art pieces.


  1. my eyes could travel endlessly within this piece ...

    1. and indeed they do Liz don't hey? The balance and the beauty within it is something I find so very calming...

  2. love the dotted lines around these thoughts in the Tingari painting

    1. the dots take you other places don't they Mo? They allow the lines to not be solid and holding the things is a beautiful piece.


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